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trikebum takes toronto

Posted by trikebum on March 15, 2009 at 6:02 PM

So I'm going down Danforth Ave............this is like 2 lanes going one way with cars parked in the curb lane, leaving a good 1/2 a lane to ride in w/o worrying about the dor zone.( I'll post a pic later)

So I'm sitting in that 1/2 lane waiting for the light to change and just as it turns green, a cyclist brushes by me on my right yelling "are you nuts?" He then proceeds to ride in the door zone and weave in and out among the parked cars hugging th curb. THen he gets up on the s/w for 1/2 a block, then back to the gutter. BTW, I"m easil;y keeping up with him andn I watch him turn right on Main St., cross the road and onto the s/w, going down main against traffic! Is he nuts???

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