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Boycot Cheap Chinese Crap

Posted by trikebum on April 11, 2009 at 12:43 PM
 There are many reasons not to buy cheap crap from China:
the environment, human rights, Tibet, melamine in pet food and baby formula, bottom trawling, not honouring fishing moratoriums.
The reason big business and governments want to do business with China is pure greed. The only reason consumers buy from China is pure greed. Meanwhile our local economies go in the toilet for want of jobs. Our neighbours are out of work and we still buy from China.
I find it difficult to buy fish that's not from China. Most frozen veg is from China. Now grocery stores are selling 'fresh' Chinese produce: garlic, snow peas, beans. Meanwhile our farmers can't find markets to get a decent price for their produce.
Sorry, but when I want Chinese food I'll order in, from a Chinese Canadian restaurant.

Oh and I didn't mention forced child labour.So all you people who like to buy cheap Chinese junk, think about what you are supporting. Nuff said.

P M from Canada writes: I was just wondering, when exactly was your last fact finding (and verifying) trip to China? Also, I was wondering exactly what premium you're willing to pay for things Made In Canada? Many of us talk a good game on that last one, but statistics belie the truth.
I don't need to go to China to see the crap they produce, or to read of their human rights atrocities, or to see the degradation of the ocean ecology caused by bottom trawling or a culture that would put toxic chemicals in food and toothpaste for profit.
I'm happy to buy most of my food from the farmer's mkt supporting local friends and neighbours. At the moment I am having a pair of socks knitted for me from wool I bought from a local sheep farmer and it will cost me $18 when I could be buying 2 pairs for $5 from China, and I will be happy to suck it up and wear them proudly.
The problem with the majority of people in this country is they want to make the big wages but they won't support a Canadian wage when they make purchases. Then they say they can't find anything local so they have to buy from China. If all you hypocrites keep it up eventually there will be no choices. There is only one reason to suport China: GREED.

Steve Mitchell from Canada writes:
People throw around this word of greed when it should be profits. And profits are how people feed their families. The challenge was that procedures and checks and balances were not put in place as the companies exported their manufacturing to China. The inevitable corner cutting to the point of safety has occured.

Food is easily solved - grow your own, buy local meat and produce from your area instead of frozen and packaged foods. When you are buying goods, shop at stores like Lee Valley, MEC to source goods not from China.
Steve, excessive profit is GREED. People who buy cheap crap at the lowest price knowing it will not last and be thrown in the landfill to be replaced by more cheap crap, and resell it at a large profit are GREEDY.
People who make $25-$50 an hour and spend it on products from people who make $3 a day (or less, or nothing) are GREEDY.
LV and MEC are 2 of my favourite stores. They make a profit but are principalled and not GREEDY. We can all learn from them; businesses and ordinary Canadians.
BUY LOCAL-BOYCOTT CHINA for the health of our planet, our friends and our loved ones.

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