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First tour of the year...

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Mar 2/13

Left P'boro 7:15 a.m. Temps -10 with 17 km winds from the NNW.  Overcast skies...

The paved roads are bare and dry. I feel my biggest challenge will be when I hit Boundary Rd. A dirt road that runs along the N sde of the Ganaraska forest. Unpredictable at ths time of year...

After leaving I find my rear left brake cable is frozen. I stop on Cty Rd 21 and try to free cable but to no avail. I have a steep downhill into Millbrook coming up... with a stop sign at the bottom. I've hit 50 km there before...

My fingers and toes are beginning to sting as the cold wind whips across the snowy  fields...

At 26 kms I cautiously drag brake on the descent into the quaint village of Millbrook. This is where they filmed The Musicman with Mathew Broderick.

As I slowly climb out of the village the pain in my neck reminds me that I really must devise a neckrest for my recumbent seat. Old ski injury that only bothers me when climbing.

At the top the winds kick in again...just when my digits were starting to thaw...but the sun breaks out and lifts my spirits. I stop and shelter from the wind and take 5 for a puff and pee,,,,with the sun on mmy face....ahhh..

At 40 km I hit the Boundary Rd.......for the next 10 km...short vicious rollers ice glazed in areas...

trikebum takes toronto

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So I'm going down Danforth Ave............this is like 2 lanes going one way with cars parked in the curb lane, leaving a good 1/2 a lane to ride in w/o worrying about the dor zone.( I'll post a pic later)

So I'm sitting in that 1/2 lane waiting for the light to change and just as it turns green, a cyclist brushes by me on my right yelling "are you nuts?" He then proceeds to ride in the door zone and weave in and out among the parked cars hugging th curb. THen he gets up on the s/w for 1/2 a block, then back to the gutter. BTW, I"m easil;y keeping up with him andn I watch him turn right on Main St., cross the road and onto the s/w, going down main against traffic! Is he nuts???

Electric assist trike

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This is a 2003 Lightfoot Cycles Courier, my personal transportation. This fall I installed a Heinzman Electric hub motor kit. It's a Mountain drive 500W motor w/36v NiCad battery pak.
The beauty of the NiCad battery pak is it only takes 2 hrs tops to charge it.
This is a heavy bike to begin with. I would guess with tools, cargo box, fenders and fairing, It probably weighs about 80#. My average speed doing errands in town is about 8.5 mph.
With the electric assist my average increases to 10.5mph or there-a-bouts. On the level I can maintain speeds up tp 25 kph which makes it very effective for traffic cycling. But it's a lot easier on me, and I don't think that is a good thing.
. I find that used judiciously, the motor has a range of about 20 miles, and when it runs out of juice, it's a lot harder to pedal than without. Consider that the weight of motor and battery is another 11 kg/22 lbs and the electric motor hub IMO does not freewheel as well as a regular bike wheel.  So suffice it to say, it's only good for in town, but in town it's damn good.